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What To Expect

here's how it will go...

Should you decide to partner with me (whoo-hoo!!) you can schedule a complimentary consultation. No later than 48 hours from your consultation, you will receive 2 design options from me. If you approve of the design and wish to continue, We will begin the transformation process. It's just THAT simple! :) I will work alongside you to ensure your design needs are met and your expectations are exceeded. It’s just as important for me that you have a stress-free experience so we can both feel accomplished and at ease throughout our time together. 


celebrate and enjoy your new space

It’s time to celebrate! 🎉 All services on the contract/invoice are completed and your room is ready for use! Call up your family and friends, and get ready to show off your amazing new space. 


grab a coffee and let’s chat

Should you decide to partner with me (whoo-hoo!!) you can schedule a complimentary consultation virtual or in-person. We will say hi and discuss your ideas and questions as well as completion/start dates.


sign on the dotted line

If after the video chat,  I will review your budget and your vision we discussed on the call and create 2 designs for you. If you fall in love with the design, then I’ll ask you to sign the design, send you a contract agreement, and an invoice that will list all services/items and allow you to pay your deposit.


the adventure begins

This is my favorite Step! This is the step where we make your vision come to life. This step is filled with painting, creative thinking, and/or organizing.

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